A Successful 2021 Fall Qualifier

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We are thrilled to say that the 2021 Canadian Optimist Dinghy Association Fall International Qualifier at RCYC was a huge success. This important National event made it possible for 56 Opti sailors from coast to coast to complete a coach clinic and 2 days of racing over Thanksgiving weekend in order to qualify for 2022 International events. We hosted 11 coaches, 40 volunteers and over 70 parents from across the country. All were given a warm welcome to the Island, cozy rooms at the Westin Harbour Castle, and lots of food and fun. The weather was stunning, 8 solid races were competitive, and we were able to provide an equitable regatta opportunity so that sailors across Canada could attend.

Thank you to all who assisted from RCYC and CODA to make this event possible!

Photo: John Stafford


Pos Sail Skipper Yacht Club Total
1 CAN1818 Andi Kinnear [Red] Port-Credit Yacht Club 8
2 CAN1397 Sterling Ott [Red] Port-Credit Yacht Club 28
3 CAN1822 Jack Gillis [Blue] Royal Canadian Yacht Club 34
4 CAN1842 Andres Noriega [Blue] Port-Credit Yacht Club 40
5 CAN1795 Spencer Hrubant [Red] Port-Credit Yacht Club 42
6 CAN1776 Baruch Saffer [Red] Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron 50
7 CAN1955 Wyatt Gitt [Blue] West Vancouver Yacht Club 53
8 CAN1803 Gustave Deseau [Red] West Vancouver Yacht Club 62
9 CAN1413 Alec Bostan [Red] Royal Canadian Yacht Club 67
10 CAN1334 Phillip Duko [Blue] Port-Credit Yacht Club 70
11 CAN1812 Alexandre Absi [Blue] Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club 79
12 CAN1855 Oliver Leheup [Blue] Ashbridge’s Bay Yacht Club 89
13 CAN1399 Kai Ramsey [Blue] Kelowna Yacht Club 93
14 CAN1782 Tristan Miles [Red] Port-Credit Yacht Club 94
15 322 Oliver Chin [White] Royal Canadian Yacht Club 96
16 20184 Theo Chapman [Red] Royal Victoria Yacht Club/West Vancouver Yacht Club 99
17 CAN1371 Tiago Keilman [Blue] Ashbirdge’s Bay Yacht Club 117T
18 CAN1610 Emilie Leung [Blue] Port-Credit Yacht Club 117T
19 CAN1534 Olivia Lee [Red] Chester Yacht Club 125
20 CAN1471 Hayden Keilman [White] Ashbirdge’s Bay Yacht Club 128
21 CAN1287 Will Keilty [White] Kingston Yacht Club 129
22 CAN1731 Kai Luther [Blue] Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron 130
23 CAN1648 Mathéo Rivard-Menegoz [Blue] Club de Voile Deux-Montagnes 143
24 CAN1710 Keanu McCarthy [Red] Pointe-Claire Yacht Club 145
25 CAN1798 Eva Doucette [Blue] Britannia Yacht Club 154
26 CAN1763 Justin Amyot [Red] Club de Voile Deux-Montagnes 165
27 CAN1418 Angus Beauregard [Red] Hudson Yacht Club 181
28 CAN1801 Koko Lee [Blue] Pointe-Claire Yacht Club 185
29 CAN1458 Benjamin Port-Louis [Red] Pointe-Claire Yacht Club / Hudson Yacht Club 189
30 CAN1800 Brodie Sorensen [Blue] Britannia Yacht Club 195
31 CAN1201 Ava Gerber [Blue] Ashbridge’s Bay Yacht Club 205
32 CAN1664 Alice Wan [White] West Vancouver Yacht Club 215
33 CAN1310 Ryan Simms [Red] Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron 222
34 CAN1672 Max Ramsey [Red] Kelowna Yacht Club 226T
35 CAN1581 Kate Kanellakos [Red] Chester Yacht Club 226T
36 CAN1191 Liam Gill [Blue] Centre de voile Grande-Rivière 253
37 CAN1721 Branwen Craig [Red] Britannia Yacht Club 254
38 CAN1849 Alicia Letham [Red] Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club 267
39 CAN1817 Diana Stedman [Red] Pointe-Claire Yacht Club 269
40 CAN1720 Thomas Storer [Red] Britannia Yacht Club 275
41 CAN1585 Zachary Shuaib [White] Ashbridge’s Bay Yacht Club 281
42 CAN1574 Christina (Mika) Steinbachs [Red] Britannia Yacht Club 282
43 CAN1417 Sara Rose Santimaw [Blue] Chester Yacht Club 284
44 CAN1796 Tia Kinnear [White] Port-Credit Yacht Club 285
45 CAN1594 Elijah Pearson [Blue] Ashbridge’s Bay Yacht Club 291
46 CAN1821 Rhys MacKay [Red] Oakville Yacht Squadron 302
47 CAN1711 Freida Smith [Blue] Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron 304
48 CAN1747 Nathaniel Storer [Blue] Britannia Yacht Club 307
49 CAN1572 Allie Boucher [Blue] Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club 314T
50 CAN1739 Maxime Hurley [Blue] Centre de voile Grande-Rivière 314T
51 CAN1211 Florence Cassius de Linval [Red] Hudson Yacht Club 329
52 CAN1647 Gianni Biello [Blue] Club de Voile Deux-Montagnes 332
53 CAN1465 Vita Faid [Blue] Britannia Yacht Club 347
54 CAN1175 Henry Krieble [Blue] Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club/Brôme Lake Boating Club 365
55 CAN1634 Oliver Ruch [Blue] Ashbridge’s Bay Yacht Club 380
56 1 Michael Berezin [White] Port-Credit Yacht Club 386
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