* Updated October 2023

Team selection process for the 2024 IODA events: 

The following process has been designed by the International Teams Committee of CODA (“CODA ITC”) to administer the selection of the International Teams attending IODA Events in accordance with the Selection Rule set in Bylaw 20 of the Bylaws of the Association.  Teams should be formed by December 1, 2023 if at all possible.


CODA Bylaw #20

  1. Criteria:
    The top 60% of fleet will receive a letter from the ITC as either qualified or waitlisted. These letters will be sent in order of the four championships below, and each wave will be sent once the sailor has given an answer by the requested deadline.2. Team size and gender requirement:
    Optimist World Championship: 5 sailors (with no gender requirements)
    Optimist European Championship: 4 sailors (minimum number of each gender: 1)
    Optimist North American Championship: for 10 sailors (minimum of each gender: 3)*
    Optimist South American Championship: for 10 sailors (minimum of each gender: 3)*

*Based on the following 2022 IODA gender requirements for continental championships, Handbook p: 22

TOTAL NO OF SAILORS ON TEAM 5 to 6 7 to 9 10
Minimum Number of Sailors of each Gender 1 2 3


  1. Sailors can attend a maximum of two (2) events
  2. In accordance with IODA regulations, sailors may not participate in both the World and European Championships in the same year
  3. Sailors must be 11 years of age at moment of international event
  4. Sailors must be born 2009 and after
  5. Sailors must be CODA members in good standing
  6. Coaches will be selected by the ITC and must be in good standing with Sail Canada
  7. Sailors, coaches and all accompanying adults must be fully vaccinated against Covid 19
  8. 2024 IODA events: locations and dates

2024 Optimist World Championship Dec 5 – Dec 15 Mar Del Plata, Argentina

2024 Optimist European Championship Jun 29 – Jul 06 Carrarra, Italy

2024 Optimist South American Championship Aug 31 – Sep 7 Encarnacion, Paraguay

2024 Optimist North American Championship Jul 13 – Jul 20 San Juan, Puerto Rico

  1. Ranking of eligible sailors 

The CODA ITC shall establish the list of eligible sailors using the Official Results of the CODA National Championhips.

  1. Preparation of communication

Using available IODA information on venues, calendar, NORs, established draft budgets and draft letters, the CODA ITC will prepare communications for sailors that are either a) eligible and qualified for events or b) eligible and on the waitlist.

  1. First round of letters

Invitation to participate: 

First Round: From the top 60% of the fleet, eligible sailors based on residency and CODA membership status at the time of the 2023 Canadian Optimist Dinghy Championships qualify to be eligible for selection, with the list of sailors posted on the CODA website. Sailors qualified for a specific event will receive the “Qualified” letter beginning the week of Oct 9, 2023.

Confirmation of interest: 

1) Qualified sailors will be requested to confirm their interest to participate in one or more events by email and event confirmation deposit.

2) Waitlist sailors may be requested to express their interest to participate in one or more events subject to availability.

The email account directory will be populated using the parents (father by default) most current email address supplied by the member to the CODA Registrar.

  1. Deadlines and deposits

For 2024 IODA Events:

1) Qualified sailors: answers are due by the date specified in your letter accompanied by a non-refundable deposit of 500$ per event qualified, payment made to [email protected] via e-transfer. Please specify the sailor’s name and event(s) in the note section of the e-transfer.

2) Waitlist sailors: answers are due by  the date specified in your letter.

At the expiry of the above deadline, all sailors not responding or not posting required deposits will be considered to be off the list of eligible sailors.

As spots on teams become available, more invitations will be sent out.

Once sailors receive an invitation, they will have one (1) week to confirm and forward a deposit of $500.

If a sailor is qualified and confirmed and changes his mind, the deposit will be retained.

CODA ITC will make a reasonable effort, if timing permits, to replace a forfeiting sailor by another one on the waitlist.

For any event requiring Team registration less than a month before the above deadline, a higher non-refundable deposit may be required corresponding to the approximate amount payable by each sailor of the team to the event organizers (registration, accommodation, charters, etc).

  1. Second round of letters

As soon as possible after the expiry of the above deadline, the CODA ITC will issue additional letters of invitation to sailors on the waitlist.

It is expected that after this round the teams should be completed.

  1. Subsequent letters 

Team confirmation:

Once team composition is complete, sailors will receive a confirmation letter which must be signed by sailors and their parents to confirm participation. Thereafter, teams will be officially announced.

  1. Meetings, selection of the team leader, logistics, budget and payment schedule 

An introductory meeting will be held with the parents and a member of the ITC.

Subsequent meetings will be scheduled to elect a Team Leader, outline logistics (plan itinerary, order team uniforms, organise team training, etc), and take over the budget.

Once the NORs are issued, typically six (6) months in advance of the event, the budgets and payment schedules will be updated.

Payments (CND $) will be made to the event organizers in two installments to cover the cost of team’s (sailors, coach, team leader and chaperone) registration, accommodations and charters for the event and for the early arrival period.

Failure to make deposits within established deadlines may result in the exclusion from the team and immediate replacement from the waitlist.

The CODA ITC will set a short but reasonable deadline for such replacement.

  1. Roles and Responsibilities

To better prepare your sailor’s participation in an international event, please consult the Roles and Responsibilities tab in the International Teams section. The following tabs may also be helpful: International Teams and Parent Guidelines.

  1. CODA Code of conduct 

All International Team members, including sailors, coaches and parents, must sign the CODA Code of Conduct for attending IODA events.