The following events are CODA sanctioned events and/or events run in compliance with CODA’s Regatta Policy

  • Canadian Optimist Championships
  • Provincial Championships
  • CORK
  • Sail Canada events -Sail East, Central and West-

CODA Regatta Policy

To compete at the events listed above, sailors must:

Competitors, coaches, parents and guardians shall abide by the CODA Code of Conduct. This includes behavior both on and off the water including respect for all other persons, personal property of others, hosting clubs and cities.

Regatta Management 

For clubs hosting Optimist Regattas, it is recommended to read and comply with the following documents:

In an effort to prepare our sailors for the Canadian Optimist Championships, CORK and international events, as well unifying Optimist racing in Canada and the world, it is recommended to mirror the official class rules and race management policies including: courses for both Green and Championship Fleets, Measurement Procedures -or at a minimum, enforce that class rules are being followed and respected-, Scoring Procedures, Sailing Instructions and Notice of Race formats for Fleet Racing and Team Racing Championships.

To facilitate this process, we have attached reference documents sanctioned and approved by CODA:

2017 COC’s Green Fleet SIs

2017 COC’s NOR

2017 COC’s SIs

2017 COC’s TR SIs

Race Course:

  • Championship Fleet Race Course: trapezoid.
  • Green Fleet Race Course suggested: modified trapezoid course with 1 upwind leg.
  • Team Racing Course: digital N.

Find attachaed diagrams for reference