CODA International Teams-

Position Selection Guidelines

Recommended Position Descriptions, Responsibilities and Selection Criteria for CODA International Teams

(These guidelines are based  on previous international event experiences  and are intended as a resource to parents)


Role Description

Role Description:

·         Provides daily coaching, briefing and debriefing for the regatta event and any training days.

·         Provides daily instruction to the team for schedule i.e. curfews, when to go to bed and get up.

·         Assists with boat maintenance, tuning, equipment or charter boat issues.

·         The coach is required to stay at the event in the accommodations set out for the team.

·         Writes a follow-up report to the team at the end of the event.

CODA recommends that the Coach selected by the team be an active Canadian based coach.  In addition, if possible and practical, teams should attempt to hire a Development coach to assist with the team in order to continue to develop Canadian coaching talent.

Note: The coach is not expected to perform chaperone duties.


·         Coaching results from the previous Canadian Championships. Preference should be given to coaches who live and coach in Canada.

·         Prior experience coaching Canadians and specifically the team members.

·         Sail Canada sailing certification, POCC card and safety course is recommended.

·         Prior experience coaching at IODA events.

·         Local language and venue knowledge is preferred but does not take precedent over the above criteria.

Selection Process

The opening for coaches will be posted on the CODA web site inviting interested candidates to apply with their resume. Additional information will be requested including rate of pay and days available. Resumes will be submitted and distributed to the international teams committee for review. The International Teams committee will review all applications, conduct interviews, and select a coach for each event.

One member of the International Teams committee will be assigned to represent CODA on each international team to help coordinate, consult and recommend roles and assist with coach selection.

Team Leader

Role Description

Prior to the start of the event:

·         Liaises between the team members and the CODA treasurer.

·         Takes over from treasurer after initial payments are made to race organizing committee (ROC) for entry fees (room and meals), charter and support boats.

·         Main point of contact for ROC for all matters leading up to event including official arrival dates and coordination of travel from airport on day of arrival.

·         Works with the parents to make decisions around accommodations and room assignments.

·         Communicates with parents any required travel or customs documentation for the team members.

Note: Typically, the expenses for the entry fee (meals and accommodations) for the team leader are shared equally by the team.

At the start of the event:

·         Engages and involves the parent group in order to obtain volunteers to assist in managing and coordinating the team for the duration of the event.

·         On behalf of the team, checks in at official accommodation.

·         Receives charter boats and support boat and ensures all parts and equipment are present and in working order and returned in order and completely.

·         Pays any damage deposits as required.

·         Manages regatta registration and boat measurement.

During the event:

·         Ensures adequate and supplemental food and water for team and coach on race and practice days.

·         Stays on site with sailors at the official accommodations for the duration of the regatta.

·         Performs chaperone duties for the duration of the regatta.

·          Arranges for support (usually within the parent group) laundry requirements.

·          Tracks team expenses.

Note: Chaperone duties are required overnight starting at curfew time and ending at breakfast only. It is expected that the sailors will be supervised by parent representatives during time off the water or lay days. For teams of 10 or more sailors or due to local country conditions it may be beneficial to have two chaperones during the chaperone time.

After the event:

·          Ensures charter boats and support boats are returned and damage deposits are claimed.

·          Checks out of official accommodations and coordinates any return travel to airport if required.

·          Provides a written follow-up report and arranges a final team meeting for feedback.

·          Provides follow-up input for these guidelines where appropriate.

·          Finalizes any financial reconciliation of expenses.


Prior international team regatta experience would be beneficial.

Local knowledge or language would be an asset.

Younger children within the sport in order to provide assistance in future years.

Previous chaperone experience.

Selection Process

Any interested individuals should make themselves known prior to the first meeting.

Summary of their background and any relevant criteria as it relates to the role.

Team will vote and choose the individual at the first meeting. CODA’s international teams committee may elect to appoint a team leader on behalf of the group to reflect a balanced mix. Ideally, there is a consensus formed by the participants with CODA’s guidance.

Country Rep

Role Description

Act as proxy for CODA at any required country meetings.

Provides support for the team leader and takes on any additional responsibilities the team leader requires.

Qualifications If there is a member of CODA’s executive on the trip, they would be automatically appointed country rep. If there are two or more, the President may appoint the country rep.

·          Prior international team regatta experience would be beneficial.

·          Local knowledge or language would be an asset.

·          Younger children within the sport in order to provide assistance in future years.

Selection Process

In the event of no CODA executive member available, any interested individuals should make themselves known prior to the first meeting.

Summary of their background and any relevant criteria as it relates to the role.

CODA shall appoint the country rep.




It is encouraged that a parent attends the international event with the sailor.

Each parent is responsible for the overall well being of their own child for the duration of the event.

Although there is a designated chaperone, the chaperone is not required to supervise children during the day, prior to curfew, when they are not sailing or on off days.

Provides back up relief for the official chaperones.

Provides support to the team leader or country representative where possible especially with provisions, laundry and overall team coordination.

Parents should note that attending an IODA event requires the sailor to be fairly independent from your family and to be comfortable with the Team Leader and Coach. Parents do not stay with the team and often parents are asked not to interact with their sailor at the regatta site. Please discuss with experienced Opti parents or CODA reps to better understand the circumstances of an IODA event in order to consider whether it is the right event for your sailor.