The official CODA scoring system uses Overall scoring as opposed to fleet scoring.

Age-based fleets (Red, Blue, & White Fleets) will all race simultaneously, with the same start on the same course.  The Overall Scoring Guideline is used to score all (non-Green) fleets on the following basis:

Sailors are scored based on their finishes within the overall combined fleet (i.e. all age-based fleets).
Results for each age-based fleet are then pulled from the overall results, and are the basis for fleet-based awards.

For example: to determine 1st through 5th place in blue fleet using overall scoring, you simply run down the overall list of finishers and look for the first blue fleeter, the second blue fleeter, etc.  This gives you the order of finishes in blue fleet.

Fleet-based awards are made using this list.

For regattas with a Green Fleet, the Green Fleet will have a separate course, a separate start, and separate scoring for Green Fleet only.

Recommended scoring software

There are several softwares used for regatta scoring- CODA does not have a specific partnership with any of them, however, in the last few years, the Canadian Optimist Championships have used Sail Wave and Regatta Toolbox with great results. This platforms allow organizing authorities and scorers to sort out competitors by: their overall results, fleets, regions, clubs and more.

If you are hoping to host an Optimist regatta and would like further insight or support with scoring systems or softwares, feel free to contact our Class Development Officer with your inquires.


Photos for layout references:

Regatta Toolbox


Sail Wave