Schoelcher Week 2023

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Carmen Denis will be offering training from February 13 to 24, interspersed with the Schoelcher Week regatta in Martinique which will allow us to identify each other’s strengths and weaknesses and work to fill them before returning. The Shoelcher Week is an international regatta where the best French and Caribbean take part. The body of water is magnificent and tactical 2 courses are wet over 4 days. To consider that Martinique is a French department so medical level, hygiene, food and others it remains to be considered! Air Transat and Air Canada fly direct from Montreal to Fort de France on Saturdays and Wednesdays. I recommend arriving on Saturday the 11th. The price will include who will include the coaching and the coach’s expenses (including coach boat + gasoline) will depend on the number of registered athletes (I will take max 6 young Optis and Ilca 4). Accommodation – transport – registration fees for the regatta, rental of sailboats are extra. Please contact Carmen for further information.

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