CORK adds Team Racing this August!

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Announcing the August 4th 2022 Optimist Team Racing Event! Registration for the Optimist Team Racing Event opens on Tuesday March 29th at 10 am Eastern Time (ET) NOR 4.2 A maximum of 16 teams will be accepted in order of registration and payment.

What is Team Racing?

Via Wikipedia:

Team racing, also known as team sailing, is a popular form of dinghy racing and yacht racing. Just 2 teams compete in a race, each team sailing 2, 3, or 4 boats of the same class. The winning team is decided by combining the results of each team’s boats. This differs from an inter-club fleet race where boats from 3 or more clubs compete. Then the results of each club’s boats are combined to give their club’s overall position.

Team racing employs the low points scoring system. The boat finishing 1st scores 1 point, 2nd scores 2 points, and so on. The points scored by the boats in each team are added together. The team scoring fewest points wins, with additional rules applied to decide ties in the 2 and 4-boat formats.

Short 6 to 10 minute courses are used for team races. One course form is a digital ‘S’ on its side, sometimes called a digital ‘N’. This gives a beat from start and mark to starboard; a short reach and mark to starboard; a run and mark to port; a short reach and mark to port; and a beat to finish. The other form is a starboard (right) hand ‘box’. This gives a beat from start/finish; a short reach, a run; a short reach; and a beat to start/finish. These course formats put a premium on racing tactics so that the outcome is not decided by boat speed alone.

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ZIM Team RacingPhoto: Jill Amery, RCYC Sailors at ZIM Sailing Team Racing Event, South Carolina

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