Safety Checklist





Competitor's name:______________________  Sail # _______



____ Bow loop (Two-inch (5 cm) loop of line out of bow gunwale)

____ 8 m Bow line min 5 mm thick (Tied to mast step, knot free, 26 ft, w/ bowline at the outboard end)

____ Bailer 1 minimum, 2 preferred tied to boat

____ Air Bags 3 (even w/boats with side tanks) / Not leaking and secured properly.

____ Rudder Retainer Clip (prevents rudder from popping out)

____ Centerboard Retainer (prevents dagger board from popping up)

____ Centerboard Retainer Line

____ Mast Tie in Line or collar

____ Main Sheet Snap Closed snap

____ Mainsheet Bridle- No looser than 100 mm from the boom at any point.

____ Praddle / secured to boat

____ Canadian Coast Guard approved PFD with whistle attached by lanyard / Intl sailors may use their country’s approved PFD at their choice but must be compliant with Canadian rules and regulations when required by organizing authority.

____ Proper clothing for the weather (sun protection/Warm clothes for cold water etc)

____ Personal drinking water for sailor

Compliance with the above minimum safety standards must be demonstrated to the Safety Officer before permission will be granted. The above named sailor is in compliance with the minimum safety standards required to compete at this event. The competitor is given permission to compete.

Sailor’s Signature: ____________________________ Measurer/Safety Officer: _____________________

Date: _______________________