News Updates

October 27, 2017

CODA is in the process of forming 2018 International Teams.

If you are a coach based in Canada, we want to hear from you! Send your CVs to the with a short note as to your coaching plans for the next few years! Give us a sense of where you are going with your Opti Coaching.

CODA can't guarantee you a position, but we are interested in developing our coaches for the future of the class and Canadian Sailing.



October 6, 2017

For those on our Facebook page, you have seen the winter schedules released by both RCYC and RNSYS. All opti sailors are welcome to contact Coach Flor or Coach Oz to discuss what would be worth attending this winter! Year round sailing is one of the best paths to your continued development. Those CODA sailors attending IODA events are especially encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities. Coach Fede from BQYC will be down in Uruguay for the SUD test event in Dec '17 and potentially the Argentina Nationals, please contact him for details if interested in attending.

September 25, 2017

Unusually warm weather was enjoyed by all at the 2017 Fall CORK regatta.

Well done to all the competitors (59!)!

#1 Niccolo Sangermano

#2 Andreas Steinitz

#3 JR Kiekens Arana

#4 Mathieu Graham

#5 Nicki Boucher

Top Female Amy Glennie!



September 11, 2017

Amazing turn out for the QC Champs at CVDM...

Congrats to the 40 championships sailors and 17 Green fleeters!

Nathan Duffar-Calder of CNLB (RSTLYC) took overall 1st place by 1 point ahead of JR Kiekens-Arana (RSTLYC). Nicki Boucher (RSTLYC) was 3rd overall.

Top Blue was Charles Larochelle (RSTLYC)

Top White was Elena Graham (RSTLYC)


September 7, 2017

Fall is here and is time to start making plans for the Winter Sailing Season!

There are many oportunities coming up; different events with diverse characteristics, venues, wind intensity, fleet level and size. We enourage families to discuss with coaches the different options to identify what are the events best suited for each particulat sailor. 

For details on dates, cost, events and further questions, feel free to contact us at

August 30, 2017

The 2017 Canadian Optimist Championships wrapped up this past Saturday 26th at the Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron in Halifax, NS.

The event was a big success as 150 sailors from across Canada and 7 different countries competed in both the Championship and Green Fleets.